Limited Edition

The new Sagola 3300 GTO Black Racing limited edition is Inspired by the 80s classic sports cars design. We redesigned our iconic Sagola 3300 GTO with a black forged aluminum body, air cap and regulators in orange.

This new version brings, as technical innovation, the incorporation of the “Soft Flow” air valve; that improves the ergonomics of the gun by softening the trigger even working at high levels of air pressure.


  • TECH/EVO aircaps (1.3/1.4 nozzle versions)
  • High transfer effciency and application speed
  • Egonomics technology
  • TECH air cap special for fnishes
    Base, clear and single stage
  • EVO air cap special for Wet on Wet primers
  • New air valve “Soft Fow
    Maximum softness in the trigger

Air Cap TECH
TECH 1.30 HS and MS Clearcoats
1.40 HS/MS Clearcoats and single-stage paints. High speed
Air Cap EVO
EVO 1.30 Especially for waterborne and sovent-based basecoats
1.40 Waterborne paints. Maximum saving
Weight without cup 423 g.
Dimensions with cup 34.5 x 10 x 18 cm
Air inlet couplings 1/4”
Cup capacity 650 ml
Cup Anti-drip system
Maximum design pressure 8 bar
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2 bar
Maximum recommended application distance GTO Tech 18 - 20 cm
Average paint output flow (nozzle 1.4 mm. 20”) GTO Tech 179 g/min
Average paint output flow (nozzle 1.4 mm. 20”) GTO HVLP 161 g/min
Air consumption of each aircap (2 bar inlet) GTO Tech 290 L/min
Fan size GTO Tech [1.8] 290 - 300 mm.
Average sound pressure level 80 dB
Code Version
10141523 Spray Gun 3300GTO Black Racing 1.3[TECH]
10141524 Spray Gun 3300GTO Black Racing 1.4[TECH]
10141517 Spray Gun 3300GTO Black Racing 1.3 [EVO]
10141518 Spray Gun 3300GTO Black Racing 1.4 [EVO]