Special Edition

Welcome to Sagola's new special edition 4600 Overland Adventure. Designed to replace the successful 4600 Trophy Truck, this gun features different fluid tips, including the 1.2, 1.2XL, 1.3, 1.3XL, 1.4 and the Titania Pro aircap, which is highly appreciated by professional painters due to its large fan and mirror finish, especially suitable for fast drying and last generation clears.

The Sagola 4600 Overland Adventure has all the qualities of the Sagola 4600 Xtreme, such as excellent atomisation, precise control system and low noise level. In addition, thanks to Sagola's Metal To Metal technology, it has no plastic seals, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain in top condition.

But what makes this gun unique and special is its design inspired by overland culture and adventure. If you are a lover of automotive paint and the great outdoors, the Sagola 4600 Overland Adventure is the perfect gun for you. Plus, its overland-inspired design will make you feel like you're on an epic adventure every time you use it.

So don't wait any longer and get the Sagola 4600 Overland Adventure gun to take your paint job to new territories.

TITANIA PRO 1.20 Low viscosity varnishes. Minimum consumption
1.2 XL Low viscosity clearcoats
1.30 Multiproduct, varnishes, monolayers and bilayer base
1.30 XL Varnishes and monolayers
1.40 Varnishes and monolayers
Weight without cup 482 g
Weight with cup 668 g
Dimensions with cup 33.5 x 10.6 x 17 cm
Air inlet couplings 1/4"
Cup capacity 650 ml
Deposit with removable anti-drip system OK
Paint filter 80-mesh
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2 bar
Air consumption (2 bar inlet) 18 - 20 cm
Average paint output flow (nozzle 1.3 mm. 20”) TITANIA PRO 221 g/min
Air consumption (2 bar inlet) TITANIA PRO 310 L/min
Fan size TITANIA PRO 305 mm
Average sound pressure level 80 dB
ATEX || 2G T60ºC x
Community Design Patent
Paint packing 07380321.5
Shape design 559018
Aircaps with air deflector 08380132.4
Code Version
10142295 Spraygun 4600 Overland 1.40 (TITANIA)
10142294 Spraygun 4600 Overland 1.30XL (TITANIA)
10142293 Spraygun 4600 Overland 1.30 (TITANIA)
10142296 Spraygun 4600 Overland 1.20 (TITANIA)
10142292 Spraygun 4600 Overland 1.20XL (TITANIA)