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Maximising contact with professionals

Machinery trade fairs and technical conferences are the perfect setting for distributors, manufacturers and customers to meet and exchange news and opinions in the sector. A great showcase to show our products, but also to gather feedback from them. At Sagola, the opinion of our customers is very important to improve and innovate and also to give unconditional support to our distribution. For this reason, during the month of May, we have intensified the organisation of these events throughout the Iberian Peninsula; Valencia, Basque Country, Catalonia, Andalusia, Castilla León, Balearic Islands, Portugal and Madrid. Relying on Sagola to carry out demonstrations of a wide range of products from our catalogue for the bodywork, industry, wood and construction sectors and supporting the recovery of contact with professionals in these sectors.

We are grateful for the large number of users who came to our stands, showing interest in learning about Sagola's new products and also trying them out in our virtual experience. Of particular interest was the new Elcometer range of products, such as the Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Micrometer, an essential tool for detecting previous repairs to a vehicle's bodywork, or the Elcometer 480 Glossmeter, which quickly and accurately measures and records the gloss of a wide range of materials including paint, wood, plastic, ceramic and metal. Our latest gun launched on the market, the Sagola X4100, which replaces the legendary 4100, was also in great demand.

In the wood sector, we had a lot of interest for the Sagola HTV vertical bellows mixer and the Sagola Pack 6000X hot air system. We cannot forget the bodywork sector where the 4600 Xtreme and the limited edition 4600 Trophy Truck, which always receive a great positive review from all those who test them, are already a classic.

Our stand has been present at the fairs of Grupo Peña, Iturmaberri, L Tintas, Pitem, Segopi, Soldufer, Sulaypin, AD Bosch y Lozano, Deco Penedes and Pinturas Carman, whom we thank for their involvement and great support to our brand.

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Sagola at Autopromotec 2022

Autopromotec is a relevant event for manufacturers, distributors, workshops and, in general, all companies involved with the auto parts market throughout Italy and the rest of the world. 

The exhibition took place in Bologna (Italy) along with our official distributor Roberlo Abrastuk with very positive sensations, feeling a great level of attendance in our booth, and perceiving a very high level of interest in our range of products.

We want to thank Roberlo Abrastuk team for the excellent work they are doing to grow and develop Sagola brand in Italy.

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Training and presentations of the Elcometer range for refinishing

During the month of May we have intensified training and promotion actions of the Elcometer range with special emphasis on paint thickness gauges.

As part of this campaign, it is worth mentioning the visit of José Luis Cordero (head of sales for the national market) and Héctor Amado (product manager) to Centro Zaragoza, in which the characteristics of the Elcometer 311 micrometer in its different variants were explained in detail. Other products from the bodyshop range were also presented such as the Elcometer 480 three-angle glossmeter or the Elcometer 319 dew point and surface temperature meter.

Also during the month of May, Jorge Gonçalvez, sales manager for the central area of Sagola, actively participated in a series of workshops organized by Talleres Carman to train the workshops in new scaling methods in which paint thickness gauges such as the Elcometer 311, acquire special relevance.

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Visit to the Lechler headquarters in Como, Italy

Following the strategy of strengthening Sagola's relationship with the main paint manufacturers, on May 19 Héctor Amado (product manager) visited the training center of the Lechler Coatings headquarters located in Como (Italy). During the visit, he had the opportunity to check the performance of the Sagola range with some of the most relevant products of the Italian paint brand.

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Sagola and Synergy Group in Ireland

Sagola has been taking different actions to reinforce the market share of Sagola products in Ireland through our official and authorized distributor Synergy Group.

We would like to thank all Synergy team for their great commitment with Sagola as a brand, and the great level of effort and excitement shown on this joint project for Ireland.

We are absolutely sure that Sagola Body Shop and Industrial Painting solutions rely on the best hands in the Republic of Ireland. 

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Teacher training in Spain

At SAGOLA we continue to maximise all actions related to the training of future generations of professionals, including instructing vocational training teachers from the Ministry of Education in painting techniques and new trends in the sector.

For this reason we have collaborated with our specialist distributor Cañizares Piñero, to train 45 vocational training teachers, both from the Community of Madrid and Castilla la Mancha.

Between 22 March and 7 April, they visited the Cañizares Piñero headquarters in Las Rozas (Madrid), with the aim of receiving basic knowledge on new colour techniques, studying the different aspects related to new technologies in the vehicle painting sector, providing information on the new products that are coming onto the market and carrying out practical training on paint application techniques and partial colour and plastic repairs.

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We continue to provide "Xtreme" support for our distribution

During this first quarter of the year, SAGOLA continues to give "Xtremo" support to our specialist distributors in the Iberian Peninsula, holding a multitude of events with them, such as open days, trade fairs and professional training.

With these actions we also give training to future professionals and promote our brand, making our products known in technical demonstrations to industries, workshops and users of all communities such as Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra, La Rioja, Catilla León or Portugal.

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Online training with PT Sumberdharma (Sagola´s official distributor in Indonesia)

Following with our commitment in strength our distributors technical skills we did a Bodyshop training on the 7th of April.

The attendants  were our distributor´s team in Indonesia and a bunch of relevant influencers painters in the country.

This type of training with well-known people with several channels in internet (YouTube, Instagram, etc) make Sagola to have more visibility and a bigger scope on the country.

We would like to thank once again the participants for their efforts to make Sagola a stronger brand with a good market share in Indonesia.

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Sagola in Med Wood of Greece

The Med Wood in Greece took place again at the Metropolitan Expo, the country´s most up to date Exhibition centre in the country between 1th / 4th April. 

Med Wood is a relevant event for manufacturers, distributors, and in general, all companies involved with the wood market throughout Greece and the rest of the world, and Sagola together with its Greek distributor Vermac, has presented the most outstanding products of our Industrial and body Shop Catalogue.

We want to thank Vermac team for the excellent work they are doing to grow and develop Sagola brand in Greece.

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