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Sagola Hosts Elcometer's Annual Sales Conference in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Last week, Sagola, a proud member of the Elcometer group, hosted the Annual Sales Conference for the Spray Equipment Division at our facilities in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. This event brought together colleagues from all over the world, including England, France, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Singapore, in a unified effort to revolutionize the automotive and industrial finishing sectors.

The conference focused on discussing innovative strategies and unveiling new products poised to transform our industry. Among the highlights were the new models of pneumatic pumps, designed to provide advanced solutions and enhance efficiency in finishing processes.

In addition to the enriching professional program, the event also offered attendees the chance to experience the local culture and cuisine. Activities included tours and tastings to explore the authentic flavors of the region, providing a memorable experience for everyone.

This event marks a significant step on our path towards innovation and revolution in the market. Our ambition is to continue growing and strengthening our global distributor network. This will allow us to bring our cutting-edge solutions to more customers in the automotive and industrial finishing industries worldwide. Our sales team, now comprising over 40 dedicated individuals, stands as a testament to this growth and our commitment to excellence.

We sincerely thank all the conference participants for their engagement and contributions. Your passion and dedication are crucial to our collective success. Together, we are not only enhancing our products and services but also strengthening the relationships within our global team.

We look forward to the future with excitement, ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that await us in 2024 and beyond. Thank you for being part of this journey. We will continue to work together to reach new heights of success.

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Sagola Joins the 5th Distinguished Automotive Painters Contest

Sagola is pleased to announce its support for the exciting 5th Distinguished Automotive Painters Contest. This renowned event is set to take place on October 6th and 7th at the Training Center of Cañizares Piñero, located in Las Rozas (Madrid), marking a milestone in the automotive painting industry.

This edition promises to be particularly thrilling as it gathers the winners from the previous four editions in an "Extra Final." The finalists, whose skill and dedication to vehicle painting have brought them to this stage, include David Cubero Ceballos (Madrid), Antonio Reyna Krahmer (Málaga), Iván Alba Rodríguez (Madrid), and Juan José Aguirre Núñez (Badalona).

The painters will showcase their skills through theoretical and dynamic tests designed to challenge their knowledge and expertise in the art of automotive painting. A select panel of judges, in which Sagola plays a significant role, will oversee and evaluate each test, determining the deserving winner of the competition.

The event will kick off with a welcome dinner on Friday, October 6th, providing an opportunity for interaction among participants and their families. Saturday, October 7th, will feature a packed agenda of exciting activities, including the "Extra Final" tests, culminating at noon with the trophy presentation ceremony and a delightful meal.

Sagola is proud to provide the most advanced painting equipment on the market for the tests and to showcase its innovative virtual reality system, Sagola Spray. This allows the public to experience the sensations of being a painter in a fully equipped paint booth.

To all participants, Sagola wishes the best of luck and hopes that the finest talent shines in the "Extra Final." May the best painter win!

Those looking to secure a spot at this thrilling event can request it through the "Distinguished Painters Group" on Facebook or get in touch with the sponsors. Spaces are limited, so don't miss the chance to be part of this celebration of skill and creativity in the world of automotive painting!

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Sagola in action: A prominent presence in industry fairs and events

Throughout the year, Sagola reinforces its active presence at various fairs and events in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, presenting its products and establishing connections in the industry. Some of the fairs and events where Sagola has been part of include:

  • Fourteenth edition of Peña Profesional
  • Autoflex Group / Sodicor, Portugal
  • Third AD Tecnica conference
  • Expomecanica Portugal
  • AD Regenauto in Arre, Pamplona
  • Technical Conference on Tools for wood, industry and construction at Ferastur, Gijón, Spain.
  • Boira Commercial Technical Fair
  • AutoProf 2023
  • AD Salas AD Siro
  • Quimiregua
  • AD Masanes IV
  • Wood Fair Corn Supply
  • Discaher Technical Conference
  • Gravity Paint in Portugal

During the last few months, Sagola has had the honor of receiving visits from prominent personalities and industry representatives. Among them, we had the pleasure of welcoming several Certified First associated workshops to the Prasa Group, a leading company in the sector. In addition, Sagola received the visit of several workshops associated to Certified First. We also received the visit of Pedro Urda, coordinator of the Ministry of Education for Spain Skills, together with Carlos Olias, CEO of Pinturas Carman, a company with a long history in the field of automotive painting, who showed great interest in our commitment to the development and support of young talents in the painting sector.

These visits reinforce our position as a reference in the industry and inspire us to continue working to offer quality products and support the growth and development of the automotive paint sector.

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Sagola: Fostering Talent in Skills Competitions Throughout Spain

Sagola, a leader in automotive painting equipment, continues its commitment to the development and support of young talents in the industry. Once again, Sagola has collaborated as a sponsor and/or jury member in the Skills competitions of several autonomous communities in Spain, where the finalists will have the opportunity to compete in the Spain Skills finals.

Madrid, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Castile and Leon, and Cantabria are some of the autonomous communities where Sagola has participated as a collaborator and jury member in the Skills competitions, events that promote professional training and allow students to showcase their practical skills and knowledge geared towards the workforce.

These Skills competitions serve as the preliminary phase for the WorldSkills Spain, the national competition that selects Spanish representatives for the international competitions of WorldSkills International and EuroSkills. The winners of each autonomous community will have the chance to compete in the WorldSkills Spain and demonstrate their talent at a national and international level.

Sagola takes pride in supporting the professionals of the future and promoting excellence in the automotive painting sector. Their commitment to young talents and their offering of quality products have been essential in their participation as collaborators and jury members in these events, strengthening the education and development of students in the field of painting.

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Sagola strengthens its global presence through strategic and collaborative actions

Over the past months, Sagola has carried out various actions to strengthen its position in different markets worldwide, working closely with its authorized distributors. These initiatives demonstrate Sagola's commitment to providing high-quality solutions and strengthening its relationships with key partners in each region.

In Costa Rica, Comercializadora Automotriz 4Js de Grecia, Sagola's official importer, visited Sagola's facilities to participate in specialized technical training. During the visit, the 4Js representatives had the opportunity to closely explore Sagola's latest solutions for the automotive and wood coating industry. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the 4Js team reinforce Sagola's position in Costa Rica and ensure quality service for customers in the country.

In Poland, STS Berg, Sagola's official distributor, organized a successful training in collaboration with Sagola. The event, held at the Troton training center, provided STS Berg technicians with comprehensive training on Sagola's full range of products for body shops. This initiative strengthens STS Berg's confidence in the quality and performance of Sagola products and further solidifies the brand's presence in Poland.

In Switzerland, Sagola has intensified its efforts in collaboration with Carere, its official authorized distributor. In addition to expressing gratitude to the Carere team for their dedication and commitment, Sagola has organized training events targeting professionals in the industry, aiming to strengthen the brand and provide answers to common technical inquiries. These actions demonstrate Sagola's commitment to delivering high-quality industrial painting solutions and providing excellent service in Switzerland.

In Serbia, Sagola has worked closely with its authorized distributor, Ehom Group, to consolidate its presence in the Serbian market. The commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by the Ehom Group team in this joint project have contributed to Sagola's success in Serbia and reaffirmed trust in the brand's automotive and industrial painting solutions.

Furthermore, Sagola is pleased to announce that TN Coatings, the exclusive distributor of Glasurit in Vietnam, now also distributes Sagola products. This strategic partnership allows TN Coatings customers to access Sagola's wide range of high-quality products. Moreover, Sagola has equipped TN Coatings' training center with the latest innovations, ensuring that all future training sessions will be conducted using Sagola products. This collaboration strengthens Sagola's presence in Vietnam and underscores its commitment to providing industry-leading painting solutions.

These global initiatives demonstrate Sagola's commitment to strengthening its presence in different markets by offering quality products and collaborating closely with authorized distributors. Sagola takes pride in working with dedicated and reliable partners and will continue to develop innovative solutions for the automotive and industrial painting industry.

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During May 2023, the Product Department has carried out a series of training actions for customers and paint manufacturers in the Asian market.

Thailand, Vietnam and China have been the countries visited where we have had the opportunity to present our latest innovations for the automotive sector.

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Sagola unveils advanced Elcometer measuring devices with Bluetooth connectivity at CESVIMAP

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of visiting CESVIMAP, MAPFRE's Road Safety and Experimentation Center, to showcase Elcometer's advanced measuring devices. These products, among which the Elcometer 480T Glossmeter, the Elcometer 311T and Elcometer 415T micrometers and the Elcometer 319T thermohygrometer stand out, have been designed under the high quality standards of the British brand.

Special emphasis was placed on the Bluetooth connectivity of all the models presented. Functionality that allows professionals to make reports and save records on mobile devices in a fast and intuitive way.

At Sagola we remain committed to offering high quality products. Elcometer products are a valuable addition to meet the needs of our customers every time.

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Sagola Xtreme Fairs together with distribution

During this autumn we continue to strengthen our presence in the network of professionals in the sectors of Bodywork, Industry, Wood and Marine in Spain, carrying out various training and demonstration activities of our Sagola and Elcometer products through fairs, courses and visits always oriented to the end user with our specialist distributors.

We thank our distributors in Girona, Madrid, Alicante and Malaga for their support and confidence in our brand.

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Sagola committed to employee training in Portugal

Sagola technical department travelled to the premises of Standox importer Tintas Robbialac in Portugal to provide training on air quality and environmental conditions in the painting process and to present the Sagola range of inspection equipment.

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