Sagola with the NASCAR Mexico

SAGOLA, allowing itself the opportunity to build a joint market, provides an image over the whole area. Sagola will take part is NASCAR MEXICO supporting drivers such as Javier "El Che" Fernandez, a well-known driver with an extraordinary human and professional quality. The event was held in Queretaro, where the Sagola distribution center in Mexican Republic is located.

Javier "El Che" Fernández is a great competitor who keeps calm and a strong team spirit even in a most complicated race. He plays hard in order to achieve for his team a continuous improvement and excellence, a value that Sagola shares and tries to offer the best professional equipment for a perfect refinish. 

"The best lottery ticket is one´s job" ... totally agree with you Javier.

It was our pleasure to work and enjoy with you such an experience of work and dedication.

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