The MP2 mask and A1 filter set is designed to provide maximum respiratory protection from organic chemicals with a boiling point above 65 degrees Celsius, without discomfort for the user, allowing the user to carry out normal activities comfortably. the mask adapts perfectly to any gesture or movement, providing the highest possible level of protection at all times. the dual air intake and two filters allow greater air flow, making it easier to breathe.

The mask (composed of face mask and two filters) covers the user's nose, mouth and beard and is manufactured of strong, lightweight materials that are non-hazardous for health and hygiene.

The mask body is made of flexible black rubber. Both the material and its shape and dimensions allow a snug, leakproof fit, thereby preventing air leaks toward the inside where the mask touches the face. The mask has a centre hole to house the exhalation valve holder plus two additional holes on the sides to adjust the filters connectors for the inhalation valves.

The half mask is fitted with an exhaling valve made up of a valve-holder and a membrane, which makes it easier for exhaled air to escape.

It has a comfortable neck strap and head strap that can be easily adjusted to the right length.

Filter against gases and vapours from chemical compounds made up of a high-density polyethylene black base fitted with a round cover made up with the same material.

Between the cover and the base there is a pre lter with ahigh absorption capacity against particles. Thread connection system (no standard).

Suitable for the retention of particles of welding fumes.

Protection against A type gases.

Temperature resistance Optimum test
Sinusoidal flow 25 x 2 l/min to inhalation Optimum test
Sinusoidal flow 25 x 2 l/min to exhalation Optimum test
CO 2 content Optimum test
Inward leakage Optimum test
UNE-EN 140:1998 Respiratory protective devices - Half masks and quarter masks - Requirements, testing, marking.
Directive UE 2016/425 Individual Protection Equipment
Control organism No.161
Code Version
14810201 Paint Face Mask MP2 (2 Filters)