SAGOLA presents its new spray gun where is the result of a great design work, obtaining one of the smaller and ergonomics mixed gun on the market.

Ideal for painting parts with complex shapes.

A perfect fusion between speed and high transfer (above 80%) with quality finishes of XTREME aerographic systems.

Full control in the regulation of fan, maximum precision.

Ideal for waterborne products.

Designed for UV and waterborne paints.

Ideal for furniture sector, industry and industrial bodyshop.

High resistance and anodized forged aluminium body.

Nozzle and Needle fittings made of Tungsten carbide.

Smooth action trigger 100% Stainless steel.

Exterior and interior corrosive protection.

Air Cap 11/40
11/40 11/40 Industrial finishes
Air Cap 13/40
13/40 13/40 Fonds and primers
Max. working pressure with yellow spring 120 bar
Max. working pressure with red spring 200 bar
Air inlet M16
Product inlet 1/4”
Product filter 100 mallas
Air consumption 150 L/min
Weight 555 g
Code Version
35130201 MiniXTREMEMix 11/40 Connector Ø8 + 1/4"
35130202 MiniXTREMEMix 11/40 Connector Ø8+rotary
35130203 MiniXTREMEMix 11/40 Raccor M-16 + 1/4"
35130204 MiniXTREMEMix 11/40 M-16+rotary 1/4"
35130205 MiniXTREMEMix 13/40 Connector Ø8 + 1/4"
35130206 MiniXTREMEMix 13/40 Connector Ø8+rotary
35130207 MiniXTREMEMix 13/40 Raccor M-16 + 1/4"
35130208 MiniXTREMEMix 13/40 M-16+rotary 1/4"