Highly efficient LED with 4500 Kelvin that replicates natural light. This allows us to perfectly control the application of metallic base colors, pearls, as well as varnishes.

Precise visual control in color base application

Gives the professional visual control of layer coverage and fan overlap, as well as orientation of the metal or bead particle. thus avoiding tone changes due to poor particle dispersion and/or shadows due to lack or excess of charge.

Improvement in the final quality

As in the color base, we will achieve better control of the layer dispersion and fan overlap control thus avoiding irregular varnish load (Lack or excess of material) avoiding gloss irregularities, load irregularity (orange peel) .

Led 4,500 Kelvin
Battery Lithium 3.7 V 4.07 Wh AA size
Dispersion of light 510 Lumens
CRI 92
Code Version
12010000 Sagola Altair Led Lighting Equipment